Moving in together can be exciting, but it’s important to have a few ground rules. Here are 10 you should probably consider:

1. Choose Decor TogetherNo one wants to live in a home that feels like someone else’s, so make sure both of you are equally represented when it comes to how the place is decorated.

2. Cook for Each OtherIt’s not fun when only one person does all the cooking. Besides that person never getting a chance to simply enjoy a meal without doing all the work, think of all the different kinds of flavors both of you would be missing out on by eliminating a whole chef from the equation.

3. Keep Things TidyBack in your single days, a dirty clothes pile in the corner of the room was a-okay because no one was around to judge. But these days, your partner is not only going to judge but also be completely annoyed.

4. Split Cleaning ResponsibilitiesIt’s simply not fair to make someone do all the housework. Divvy it up, have a cleaning party together, then celebrate a spotless home with a much-deserved glass of wine.

5. Be Open About AnnoyancesThere are certain things that are going to bug your partner, and vice versa. Go in with the idea that both of you should feel free (and encouraged) to be open about what annoys you about the other person’s living habits. After all, if you hold it in, you’re just going to feel resentment.

6. Be Open to ChangeIf you give your partner the right to air their grievances, you have to be willing to work on whatever it is that they’re complaining about. Try not to take anything personally. Think of how you’d want your S.O. to react if they were in your shoes.

7. Keep the Toilet Seat DownJust do it.

8. Share the RemoteIn a perfect world, every couple would share the same love for “The Bachelor” as they do “SportsCenter,” but it’s probably not gonna happen. Make sure you both get time to watch your shows on big screen.

9. Give Each Other SpaceJust as it was with roommates, it’s nice to have the place to yourself every now and then. Make sure you both have times with the place to yourself to hang solo or have friends over.

10. Have FunSure, it’s hard when finances, housework, and other things stress you out, but at the end of the day, living with your best friend is awesome, so try not to take it for granted.


Culled from TheNest