Wedding Guest

Trimming the guests is a common planning pain in weddings today, although most weddings in Nigeria are just beginning to adapt the use of a Guest List so as  to help them entertain their guests better.

Your guest list determines many details, so the more guests you add to your list equals the more expenses you incur. Making sure your head count includes everyone important, without contradicting your budget, can be a taxing. If you’re having trouble cutting down your guests (say your venue only holds 150 comfortably but you are expecting over 250), rest assured that this dilemma is a common occurrence with a few relatively painless solutions. Here’s how to reduce guests at your wedding without hurting feelings or experiencing guilt.

Make an A-List and B-List

Your A-list consists of the must-have invites you can’t imagine not being at your wedding, like your family members and close friends. They’ll receive your first round of invitations. Anyone not essential (no, we don’t mean people you don’t like, but rather colleagues you might be able to skip) should be added to the B-list. These are people you’d enjoy having at your wedding but who cannot be extended an invite in the first round i.e your A-List invite goes out 1st .

Go Adults Only

Its not really a great idea to invite kids to a wedding, reason been that it’s a job to manage kids in party. so if you are look to put a strict rule against kids at your wedding, don’t feel bad about having an adults only wedding. It’s also perfectly okay to have children in your wedding and still have an adults. If you hear that family members aren’t happy your little cousins, nieces and nephews aren’t allowed to come, that’s expected. But remember, it’s completely fair for you to want a child-free wedding (especially if it will help you stay within budget and venue limitations). If you need to, call and explain that you’re sorry but due to budget constraints you can only invite adults. To make these possible make sure you specify the “NO KIDS” clause on you wedding invitation.

Exclude Coworkers

Even if you’re close to your colleagues, you might consider cutting them from the list if you’re in a pinch. The easiest way to avoid a headache is not to invite any coworkers at all. But if you’re close to some of your coworkers (you socialize outside the office and regularly text or call them) and everyone knows it, it’s fine to invite them. Just don’t hand them their invites at work or make a big deal out of it. Keeping wedding talk to a minimum at the office is smart anyway. However, if you work on a smaller team and are considering inviting a handful of coworkers, you should invite the entire team or skip them altogether. As for your boss, invite them if you have a friendly relationship, along with a plus-one. If you don’t, you’re certainly not required to ask them to attend.