Pulling off the perfect restaurant proposal is very key and lovely as well.

If you are probably thinking of a way to propose to your lady, Restaurant proposal is quite romantic too and you should consider it.

Whether it’s a romantic dinner date at your favorite local eatery or a special reservation at the five-star restaurant you’ve always dreamed about going to, nothing is sweeter than sharing a meal together before the big moment.

Below are tips you need to know when planning a flawless restaurant proposal.

Call Ahead

Consult with the restaurant to see what services it provides. Many restaurants have reservations departments that can help with pre-arranging and coordinating extra flourishes, from flowers and champagne to a special dessert.

Roses are the flower of choice for most proposals, but many people also  request an arrangement of their partner’s favorite bloom.

Consider a Weeknight Reservation

Weeknights are generally less busy than weekends. Planning your engagement on a less popular evening will make the atmosphere of the restaurant feel more intimate, allowing “more opportunities to make it special,” Conger says.

Wait Until Dessert

Waiting until dessert provides a sweet ending to a perfect dinner date. And if you’re coordinating a romantic table setting, make sure it doesn’t give too much away. If the restaurant has windows and—better yet—a view, schedule your reservation around sunset for the ideal ambience leading up to the surprise.

Include Family

You can have your family and loved ones throughout the restaurant. Once you pop the question, they can come out from their hiding spots ,