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5 ways to beat Lagos traffic on your wedding day

We all know how frustrating and completely unpredictable Lagos traffic could be on a typical day.

One thing you can’t afford to risk though is arriving extremely late  to your own wedding or worse still having to wait for the page boy or best-man who is supposed to give you the ring at the alter.
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Wedding Planning 101

6 Secrets To a Fun Wedding Reception in Nigeria

Well, they’re not really secrets — just super solid ideas.

Jazz Up Your First Dance
All eyes will be on you during your first dance, which means it’s the perfect opportunity to shock your guests. Imagine starting with a slow dance to “At Last” and then suddenly switching to a fast, s*xy Latin dance or a jazzy swing step. It’ll totally throw your guests for a loop and set the tone for a lively dance party.

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10 Things You Need to do After Your Wedding is Over

In the first few weeks after all the wedding festivities wind down, your big day is still probably all you’ll be able to think about. You’ll want to ride that post-wedding high for as long as possible, but then, before you know it, you’ve been married for six months… and there’s still a pile of unused wedding favors sitting on your kitchen table.
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