“I want to love you like Christ love the church…..I want to love you like you were created to be loved” these are some of the words Kaelin said to Kyrah when he proposed to her.

Read what the groom-to-be says about their commitment to God and to each other…

After 3 years of dating, Kaelin decided to take their relationship to another level. We have always been advocates of young marriage, and have even been planning this since we first started dating. Kyrah and I are 19. Yes, we know that is very young to make a commitment like this, but we believe that when God has ordained something, everything will work out fine. We don’t have the spirit of fear, but of power, and love, and of a sound mind. We understand most people don’t get married this young, and that’s okay. We’re not like most people and we are not trying to push people to be like us.

Watch how he proposed to her below