Weddings are such a big deal, and its as such in Nigeria. Many don’t even have a budget for saving, transport, food(extremely important) but everyone gets to sit down to plan a wedding at all cost and its can be alarming to know how much goes into a Nigerian wedding.

As much as i love weddings and i like them beautiful. There are several ways to cut down on expense. I am going to write on just one today(watch this space for more to come)


marryme weekday


YEAH!! Weekdays are always busy for individuals but there are reasons why you should consider a weekday wedding

  • The Crowd: The less the crowd, the less your expense. People are tuned to go for weddings during the weekend, so you get to see so many people who were not invited or you probably don’t even know at your wedding well we could help control that at just saying.
    If this happens, then you are likely to have a disrupted wedding(Not enough space, food etc) because your budget would be less than what you would see. Be sure that if you choose a weekday, the crowd could be controlled.


  • The traffic: One definite issue in Nigeria is with its traffic, especially if your wedding is within the shores of a major city like Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt e.t.c be sure you will have to face this one way or the other. Weekday weddings could leave your guest with little or less traffic as the wedding will hold while most people are at work. There is generally a reduction of traffic at mid-day during the week.


  • Reduced cost: Since the number of people expected have been reduced, you are sure to have a lot of savings left after the wedding


  • Great Vendors : Most vendors (photographers, caterers, master of ceremony etc) are likely to be busy on weekends but if you choose a weekday wedding, you can be sure to have the best hands do the job for you.

Whatever day you decide to choose. We are here to make your wedding story stay .