You shouldn’t let that happen.. WEDDING RUIN MARRIAGE… No, u shouldn’t. I am going to be talking on how you have a wedding and not ruin your marriage


  • START EARLY AND PLAN AHEAD:Image result for plan ahead There is no exact time to start planning your wedding but its wise that if you are engaged, then there is marriage already in view. You should start preparing after you get engaged as its known that its the bride-to-be that does more of the running around.Even if you do not have marriage in view, you can still start planning. It helps prevent
  1. Unnecessary delay : Vendors can be a bit funny and you would have to give them a lot of time to fit into your program
  2. Reduced Cost: If you book for a vendor(Hotel, Photographer) earlier than usual, you could have a discount for your services.


  • YOU NEED A BUDGET: A budget is the sum of money allocated for a particular purpose and the summary of intended expenditures along with proposals for how to meet them. Its not just having in mind that you are going to use a particular sum of money. A budget helps you to balance your cost ,income, cash flow and expenditure and weighs it with the available money at hand. It helps you to be organized.

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  • USE YOUR BUDGET: Preparing a budget might not be a great task for some but sticking with the budget is sure a great deal. Its easy to fall prey to Impulse Buying when applying your budget, But you need to keep in mind that you have a list.


  • THOU SHALL NOT BORROW: Image result for do not borrow money for weddingWhy should you: CUT YOUR CLOTHES ACCORDING TO YOUR SIZE. You do not need all the money in the world to plan a wedding, plan according to what you have at hand. Do not become a beggar after your wedding. Its a wrong notion to borrow money to plan a wedding.. The idea of Loan is that you have a working business you are going to put the money into which wold generate something higher than what you invested in it. Even with this, people still do not want to take loans, why will a couple decide to borrow and put it in a business that doesn’t yield. DO NOT BE EXTRAVAGANT!!


  • LET YOUR FRIENDS : Related imageThat’s why they are your friends, you help each other when necessary. Allow your friends foot some of the bill, the minute ones. Its not a time to be proud. Let them know what you need so that they can help you with the load.


  • TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE INTERNET:          Image result for get digital..use the internet  In the era where everything is digital, you can be sure to get less expensive packages from the internet. For example, you could use e-invitations for your guest which is less expensive than printing hundreds of Invitation cards or you could get a wedding catalogue for a little price inside of building a one time wedding website

Keep in mind that your marriage is more important than your wedding, so instead of putting some much energy in preparing for your wedding while not prepare yourself for your marriage that is going to last forever.

Preparing for weddings also isn’t bad because you will face some of the struggles, you would as married people like compromise on the wedding venue, kind of music, so take the time you have before your wedding to build and add value to yourself rather than spending it on wedding preps alone.

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