Palmfront: Will you marry me

Your proposal is the 1st official public declaration of love to your spouse, getting it right is an added star. Below is a list of four key ingredients that can help you nail the perfect proposal.

  • It has to be thoughtful and personal. We recommend that when you first start brainstorming ideas. Write down a list of anything your partner loves from music to food, travel locations to fashion designers and using that as a jumping off point for inspiration.
  • There should be an element of surprise. If it’s too predictable, it ruins the excitement. We are sure women agree that the ‘surprise factor’ is important in a marriage proposal.
  • Document the moment. You should document the proposal, either with a hidden photographer or by jotting down notes in a journal immediately afterwards. No matter what you think, it will happen in a flash, so having photos or a note will help when you when you want to re-live the moment.
  • Prepare for changes. When it comes to planning something so special, you should always prepare for the worst. “What if there’s bad traffic? What if it rains? What if she has to work late? Etc. When it comes to proposals, every great story requires some preparation and some challenges.