Have you ever wondered about the history of wedding rings, such as where in the World did the  tradition of wearing wedding rings start from? what were the early wedding rings like? why wedding rings are shaped similarly (in a circle form) or why are they worn on the middle, left finger and not on any other finger? or when was diamond discovered, and what was the ultimate ring stone before then?

Wedding rings symbolize unity and eternity, and here is a few interesting history and facts about wedding rings:

Why The Wedding Ring Is Worn On the Left Middle Finger?

It’s because the third left finger, aka the ring finger, is the only finger with a vein that connects straight to the heart – and you know what they say that love is a matter of the heart. By the way, some people call that vein the ‘vein of love’.

It’s funny, but I’ve received some questions asking me “what finger should I wear my wedding ring?” The wedding ring should be worn on the third finger of the left hand, and now you know why.

Where Did the Tradition Of Wedding Rings Start From?

It was said that the tradition of wearing wedding rings dates back to over three thousand years ago, and started in Egypt (oh yes, Egypt in Africa).

At the time rings became part of weddings, it was a symbol for parents to know that the groom has the resources could support his wife. Then rings were made from the iron metal and only the royals wore wedding rings made from gold. For occasions, some rich people wore gold rings.

Why is the Wedding Ring Shape Circular?

It was said that at the time wedding rings evolved, circle was a symbol of eternity, and weddings are the first step to marriage which was regarded as a thing of forever/ eternity.

When did Diamonds Become Popular as a Ring Stone?

Diamonds became popular as a bridal jewelry when America was discovered, at about the time that South African mines were found. Before then, ruby was a very popular ring stone.

Why You Should Not Rush through Choosing a Wedding Ring

Your wedding day will come and go, but the wedding ring is the one thing that will forever (hopefully) stare you in the face every day as a reminder of your commitment to each other.

You’ll have to wear your wedding ring every day, while working, in the kitchen, sleeping or taking a bath – so it’s important to find a ring that will not go out of fashion, and that you’ll like forever just as your marriage.

So, you should buy a wedding ring that you’ll never get tired of wearing, one that will not go out of style and design.