Some people love the beautiful scenery of the sea and the creatures in it. Some even wished they could spend their honeymoon at an underwater hotel/resort.

If you’re one of them, then you should be pleased to hear that there are plenty of options around the world for you to choose from!

Here are my top 6 underwater wedding and honeymoon destinations:


Entertainment on the house, Maldives

If you are looking for a night under the sea, check out the Conrad Hotel in the Maldives.

Located below the surface of the Indian Ocean,  entertainment is provided by blue-striped snappers, sting rays, parrotfish, and moray eels, quite literally, on the house.

The room is part of the hotel’s Ithaa Undersea Restaurant – the domed “reverse aquarium” – which can be converted into a special submerged honeymoon suite at night, for an undisclosed fee.


Wedding transport submarine, Fiji

The Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji offers you the complete underwater wedding experience.

Guests are brought by private plane to the Poseidon Mystery Island, where they’ll enjoy a week’s stay — including two nights in the underwater hotel, and access to a three-passenger Triton 1000 submarine.

Jacques Cousteau-it as you explore an underwater library, wedding chapel, and a stunning coral reef This out-of-this-world experience, just 40 feet below, is completed, at the end of your day, by sleeping in a bedroom enclosed mainly by acrylic glass.


All alone, Florida

The now converted Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida, was once a marine research laboratory.

Honeymooners and other underwater-romantics can now stay at the lodge and enjoy the wonders of the deep blue.

To enter the lodge, guests must dive down 21 feet through the Emerald Lagoon, with trained professionals leading the way.

Located five feet above the bottom of the Mangrove Lagoon, the living room has a huge built-in entertainment centre, a full bar, and a kitchen.

You are encouraged to go for a dive in the surrounding lagoon which is frequented by parrotfish, angelfish, barracudas, nurse sharks, and snappers, which swim around the recreated Spanish galleon San Pedro.

The recreated wreck site has authentic artefacts from the wreck of the Atocha and underwater music plays as you explore! Worried about underwater maintenance? The habitat engineer pops down to serve dinner, cleans up, and swims away again.


Ruins of Atlantis, Dubai

The acclaimed Atlantis Resort Hotel in Dubai has two underwater suites; the Poseidon and the Neptune.

Your perfect watery hide-away has floor-to-ceiling windows looking out into the Ambassador Lagoon, displaying the dramatic interpretation of ancient ruins of the mythical lost city and its 65,000 marine inhabitants.

This romantic, aquatic getaway experience is completed with a dedicated butler on hand 24/7, to meet all your requests.


Underwater Hotel Room, Zanzibar

The incredible luxury resort, and without surprise, located at the Manta Resort on the Zanzibari island of Pemba, was designed by the Swedish artist Mikael Genberg, who erected the first underwater hotel room in a lake in Sweden.

A luxurious room costs $900 per night as a single or $1,500 per night as a couple.