Pre-wedding shoots have made a lot of buzz in recent times in Africa. Still evolving, some still haven’t embraced the idea. Pre-wedding shots are part of the Asian culture.

The Asians put so much emphasis on planning their pre-wedding shoots, while in Africa;our weddings take the priority.They wear their wedding costumes for the shoot which is contrary to the western culture.

Asian Pre-Wedding


Pre-wedding shoots are not just about taking pictures. Though co-ordinated, they are meant to bring reminisce to the heart of the couple in few years to come. Pre-wedding pictures trails back to how it first started, The first kiss, The first date. The purpose of pre-wedding shoots are to keep those butterfly moments lingering on. So beyond having a casually organized and co-ordinated set of shoots, Remember that your pre-wedding pictures are trying to tell a story in some years back

A bride once wrote a note saying ” Dear Husband to be, Kindly inform me not of my pre-wedding shoots, i want them to be so honest”.


The Journey!!

Couples to be are always high and up about weddings. As joyful as getting married is, its important to know that times will come when things won’t look so amazing, at that point, you’ve got something to feed on. When you look back at how it all started, hope fills your heart and you can flip through the pages and tell your story of love.So YES,


Being a photographer goes beyond handling a beautiful and working camera. You need a photographer who is creative, one who can bring lost times into reality.

Pre-wedding shoots are amazing and we would love to tell your story at palmfront. We want to create and keep the records of the beginning of a beautiful home.