Its the Yuletide season again and this season comes with a lot of joy and fun. Its a time to reflect and look back at how the year went by.

Trust me, 2016 was a fast one,we are grateful for life.

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In the spirit of Christmas and the new year,as we celebrate the season with family and friends and share love to others, Its also a time to be deliberate about doing some things



  • GIVE:

    Image result for giveImage result for giveShow your generosity this season, there are people who haven’t had a good time through the year and still won’t have at the end of the year, its important we reach out to people who do not have. It doesn’t have to be out of the abundance you have. We all know 2016 was a rough one but we scaled through. In the midst of the celebration, Remember to give out of the little you have and be deliberate to put a smile on someone’s face



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You do not have to have all the money in the world to reach out to someone. All you need is that one cloth you barely wore through the year, A tip to your attendees or employees to encourage them, Help someone cross the road, pray with someone etc. These little acts could go a long way in changing lives for good.


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We have all gotten choked with the year’s activity and we probably haven’t had time to check on ourselves. Take time out this season to have some fitness exercise as well as fun to relieve you of the stress. Go on a road trip and have fun while it last.


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We all have people around us……. great or small, young or old. This Christmas, share out of the abundance of knowledge and bless someone.Take someone as a mentee for the new year and impact someones life.

It’s exactly 12 days to Christmas and 18 days to the new year, now is a good time to reflect at the year and try to do that which you can still do before the year runs out

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Best wishes this season

Love from us.