Palmfront Tips & Ideas

Hiring your wedding vendors is definitely one of the most exciting steps in your wedding planning process. It’s a point when your planning will really feel as though it’s in motion, and you’ll be

checking things off your list!

Here are the  five of our best tips to help you hire your vendors and work well together…

  1. Find the right fit: First and foremost, there’s a difference between finding a vendor and finding a vendor you can’t live without. You want to hire the latter. Make sure you’re both on the same page in terms of style. Further, make sure your personalities mesh well together. Your working relationship with your vendors is key, and liking who they are as people will make everything better. Finally, realize that sometimes vendors will voice that they don’t feel as though they’re the right fit for you or your wedding. Respect their choice just as you hope they will respect yours if you find yourself wanting to say the same words.
  2. How to inquire: Most wedding vendors have contact forms or emails on their websites, so never be afraid to send a note. When you are first inquiring,  it’s important to note your wedding date, city, a few details about you and your fiancé, and why you love the vendor’s work. Details always make a difference! Also, although their work schedule might be untraditional, wedding professionals do have hours similar to traditional businesses. It’s important not to expect a response when their office is closed, and it’s also important to know that inquiring over the weekend might mean waiting until the following week for a response because the pro is working a wedding.
  3. Comfort is key: When you hire a professional for your wedding, you should feel as though you are completely comfortable sharing all of your details about your day with them. That includes your plans, your dreams, and any issues you feel may occur before or on your wedding day (think: family relationships, being comfortable in front of a camera, etc). Your pros are on your side, and they want to be able to help.
  4. Sign a contract: Once you and your chosen vendor decide you’re both the right fit for each other, your wedding professional will want to send over a contract. In fact, you should expect it! A contract serves to protect both you and the wedding professional because it details the dates, times, services, and prices you’ve both agreed on (among many other things; every contract is different). You will want to read your contracts and discuss anything that doesn’t seem quite right. Once you sign your contract, make sure to save it for your reference and to forward on to your wedding planner if you opt to hire one.
  5. Stay Organized and communicate: Have a dedicated email address for all of your communication with your vendors, and make sure to keep all of your contracts together. Also, just as you expect your wedding professionals to reply in a timely manner, they expect the same from you. Lastly, if you feel as though one wedding vendor (or family member!) should consult with another, loop both in on the same email to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Staying organized and communicating will make planning your wedding that much more enjoyable.