About Palmfront.com

Palmfront.com is an online platform that helps intending couples & celebrants with resources needed to share those special days with friends & family. Here are some key features:

- Ability to manage a gift registry where you can add gifts from Palmfront's gift-room or any other source (Amazon, Jumia and everywhere else) with flexibility to process gifts to cash.

- Access to a free private social cloud album that helps you store & share pictures with a closed group with the ability for friends and family to like and comment on pictures.

- Ability to create a wedding website where you could share more info about the wedding with friends & family. Share your love story, wedding details & wedding train.

- Access to a message book that helps you manage all your goodwill messages, this way you can easily reach out to love ones after that special day to send your appreciation.


To serve as an online platform that aids effective organization and communication of events.


The mission of Palmfront.com is to serve as a hub for different digital event management and communication resource.

Who are we?

Palmfront.com began in 2015 and was fully launched for public use in August 2017. The platform started by catering to challenges in the wedding space but in August 2019, Palmfront expanded to other events with leads revenues from service fees, sales commissions and advertising.

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