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Q: How does Palmfront work? is an online event management system that helps you add digital experience to your event.
Q: Can I manage more than one event at the same time?
YES, you can. Palmfront automatically creates a different profile for each event, this way you can manage each event independently using the same user account.
Q: Is there a limit to the number of events I can manage?
NO, there are no limits to the number of events you can manage with your account.
Gift Registry

Q: How many gifts can I add to my gift registry?
There are no limitations to the number of gift items you can add to your gift registry.
Q: How do I get to know when someone buys me a gift?
Immediately a gift purchase is made, the gift buyer gets a gift receipt and you get a gift notification.
Q: When can I process my gift items?
Anytime you choose to. However, it's advisable you process your gift after your event, this way you can receive all gift items at once.
Q: Do I get to know the gift buyer immediately a gift item is purchased?
This is subject to the discretion of the gift buyer. If the gift buyer chooses to wrap the gift item, their identity would not be revealed until you are ready to process your gift items. Pls note that you would still get a gift notification, it wouldn't just contain the buyer's name. This feature is called gift wrapping and is to help give a gift suspense feel. You only get to know who brought a wrapped gift item when you process your gifts.

Q: What is the life span of a website?
All websites on Palmfront remains active unless deactivated by the couple. However, Palmfront can deactivate your website two years after the event.
Q: Can I change the design of my website once I have already chosen a design?
YES, you can. However, a change can only be requested within two weeks after purchase.
Q: Can I get a customized link for my website?
YES, you can request a customized link. However, this comes at an extra service charge.
Q: Can my site viewers access my album directly from the website?
NO, at the moment your viewers can only access your cloud album through our sister app Coshots.

Q: Can I upload my cloud album directly from my Palmfront account?
No, at the moment this can't be done. Your cloud album is being managed on a different platform.
Q: Can I add my cloud album pin to my Palmfront event?
YES, you can display your cloud album pin, this way guests can easily access your cloud album once they download Coshots mobile app.
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